Operation Homefront is experiencing higher than normal requests for assistance.  This may affect your wait time for a response from our staff.  We understand there is a real sense of urgency behind every request and one of caseworkers will contact you as soon as possible.

To help expedite your request for assistance, you can do the following:

  • Please read the eligibility criteria carefully for each category.
  • If you meet the criteria and decide to apply, please review the documents required for your category.
  • Please gather the required documents for our caseworkers.


Our emergency financial assistance grants are for documented needs. Do not complete the application process unless you are able to provide required documentation, can show that your financial resources are insufficient to meet current expenses, and that those expenses are already due or past due. OH is unable to provide financial assistance towards expenses that are not yet due or delinquent.


Please do not apply if you do not meet the eligibility criteria.


While it is Operation Homefront's wish to meet all assistance requests, requests from ineligible individuals cannot be considered and will delay our ability to assist other, eligible individuals.

Operation Homefront will consider applications for emergency assistance for/from individuals who meet the criteria for one of the three eligibility groups below.  If you are unsure if you qualify for assistance or have questions about the application, please call 877-264-3968 (toll free).  If you are not eligible for OH services, we can help you find other resources who may be better able to assist you with your needs.

Apply only if you fall within one of the following categories and can provide verifying documentation.

All Clients - Documents Required

  • Proof of all household income (i.e. most recent LES or RAS, civilian pay, disability benefits, etc.)

Wounded, Ill, or Injured Criteria

  • Actively served in the United States military post-9/11,and
  • Suffered a post-9/11 wound, illness, or injury in the line of duty (LOD)

Wounded, Ill, or Injured - Documents Required

  • Line of Duty documentation or other official record of a wound, illness, or injury being sustained in the line of duty.

Deployed Criteria

A service member of rank E1-E6 and one of the following:

  • Currently deployed to an overseas location and receiving Hostile Fire Pay,
  • Assigned to a ship that has been at sea for
    30+ days and is en route to theater, forward deployed, or otherwise on a
    mission status - not a training status,
  • On unaccompanied, overseas PCS orders and receiving Hostile Fire Pay,
  • A National Guard member or Reservist on Title 10 orders (not Title 32) who either:
    • Will deploy to an overseas Hostile Fire Pay theater in the next 90 days, or                                 
    • Has returned from an overseas Hostile Fire Pay theater within the past 180 days.

Deployed - Documents Required

  • Copy of deployment orders.


  • An active duty service member of rank E1-E6 with DEERS-eligible dependents

NOTE:  OH is only able to provide emergency food assistance and vision care assistance to individuals in the general eligibility group.




Military Service Information
Type of Assistance Requested